Artificial Intelligence not a Dream anymore but a living reality to serve Humanity.

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Computer Vision

Our computer vision team 'Hawkeye' works to ensure to catch the smallest required details from images and videos in real time.

Natural Language Processing

Our NLP team 'Polyglot' works to ensure that machine can work with language as human being.

Data Science

Our Data Scientist team plays with data to ensure to extract the possible juice even out of the stale data!



We at G2VMACHINESOUL works to provide the power of human intelligence, power of decisions, wisdom to the computer, mobile, IoT applications so that human life can become easier in this fast modern era. Moreover, Companies, groups, and individuals can achieve more in a small duration of time which would otherwise be impossible. Our three different teams work to provide different aspects of artificial intelligence.

HawkEye ensures that applications can run using single or multiple cameras and photos and videos can be processed in real-time to make recognition, extraction, predictions, and important decisions.

While our Polyglot team works to extract important knowledge information from the galaxies of documents or real-time conversations which might not be possible for human beings. Moreover, Polyglot also works to give machines power so that they can communicate with humans like humans and serve them by executing their required tasks.

Not only that, but our Data Scientist team also works with all kind of fresh or stale data and churn them to extract important wisdom from them which helps companies, groups or individuals to get more profit as well to take important difficult decisions easily.




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